Angel Healing

Join Angel in an immersive live storytelling experience like no other listen to real stories about love and loss and healing ..let her heal your problems ..with some therapy 

Join Angel for a woodland walk to let go of any stress or pain ...let her take you on an adventure like no other ..and help you deal with loss services and personal odes with music written by her .

Join Agadir's Legacy Fund ,please help me regain some of what I have lost by letting me help you during your loss .If you know someone who would benefit from some help after trauma I can offer a range of therapy including music lessons on vinyl /dance lessons /horse rehoming /property finding /alternative homes

How to recreate your heart when you lose 

Special gifts and delivery 

Including large cards personally hand drawn and a horseshoe memorial 

Memorial chairs in the name of the loved and lost 

A bespoke floral gift for your garden as a remembrance  

Please telephone 01483 277738

07895 519811

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