Let us introduce ourselves

About our club....join The Wild Filly .....find your freedom


How are you ? 

Looking for something new to try ?

Perhaps lockdown made you think you need to spend more time in the fresh air to build your immunity?

Maybe you feel the need to meet more people ?

Do you feel you could do with improving your confidence ?

Did it make you think have i really spent my life wisely ?

Do i spend my money doing things that make me feel good ?

Have i something to show for it ?

Do i find excuses or have a CAN DO ATTITUDE

Well no matter what the age you need to know that in life things can get tough ..having a get up if you fall attitude ..responsibility and commitment will keep you ahead in life 

You will be more attractive if you can just overcome an obstacle ...

Besides ..maybe you like many have decided you dont want to think life is about image ..well a horse doesnt care what you know but how much you care ,,so learning unconditional love will make your life brighter 

Life skills are invaluable but how many things teach us how to cope ..with adversity ..falling off ...how to shovel up ..how to get dirty and not care ..how to build a relationship of trust based on consistent care ..well horses do 

It is fair to say they can be addictive ..you will spend money on all their best clothes ..and wear the same top yourself because your greatest love will be the horse than yourself ...that is how you become more real .

Enjoy the outdoors ..horseriding you can never know or learn too much its a learning curve everyday if you decide to pursue but it can take you to faraway places ..put you in front of large audiences ..make you star of a podium on tv ..its limits are endless possibilities and so are you ...if you are willing to try ..

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